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CHOW Contributing Editor Alex Van Buren is a fan of arepas, the Venezuelan cornmeal patties stuffed with delicious ingredients like cheese, vegetables and roast meats. She loves the arepas at the year-old Arepera Guacuco in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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  • 01:51
    NY CHOW Report - Vegetarian Ramen at Chuko

    Three former Morimoto chefs set out to create a vegetarian ramen that rivals their pork version. Contributing Editor Pervaiz Shallwani reports.

    • Aired: 01/23/2012
    • Views: 302
    • By: Chow
  • 01:59
    NY CHOW Report: French Toast at Anella

    Thick-cut French toast with apples, pecans, and maple syrup is the star of Anella’s weekend brunch menu. Contributing Editor Liza de Guia filed the following report.

    • Aired: 04/02/2012
    • Views: 545
    • By: Chow
  • 01:40
    NY CHOW Report: Fried Rabbit at Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria

    Chef Justin Smillie gives rabbit the fried chicken treatment at Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria. Contributing Editor Pervaiz Shallwani reports.

    • Aired: 01/30/2012
    • Views: 400
    • By: Chow
  • 01:56
    Get This Olive Oil Pear Cake Before It Sells Out

    On any given day at Boubouki, a Greek Food stand in the Essex Street Market, there are only eight slices of olive oil pear cake. To get one, you’d better arrive when the stand opens at 10am because th more »

    • Aired: 08/06/2012
    • Views: 840
    • By: Chow
  • 01:41
    Ancient Spanish-Inspired Tapas at La Vara

    At La Vara in Brooklyn, Spanish food scholars Alex Raij and Eder Montero create tapas inspired by a 700-year stretch of history when it’s believed Moors, Jews, and Christians lived in harmony in Spain more »

    • Aired: 07/31/2012
    • Views: 437
    • By: Chow
  • 02:05
    NY CHOW Report: Fried Chicken and Waffles at Amy Ruth's

    At Amy Ruth's in Harlem, fried chicken and waffles is the chef's specialty, inspired by memories of Sunday suppers growing up on a farm down South. Contributing Editor Liza de Guia filed this more »

    • Aired: 05/01/2012
    • Views: 611
    • By: Chow
  • 01:44
    NY CHOW Report: Grilled Heritage Pork Chop at Bar Corvo

    At Bar Corvo, a team of longtime restaurant pioneers has taken dining in Crown Heights to another level with twists on rustic Italian fare. Contributing Editor Pervaiz Shallwani filed this re more »

    • Aired: 05/07/2012
    • Views: 390
    • By: Chow
  • 02:04
    NY CHOW Report: Seafood Soondooboo at Natural Tofu Restaurant

    Natural Tofu Restaurant in Queens uses 20 pounds of beef bones everyday to make homemade broth for their Soondooboo, a boiling mini-cauldron of spicy, silky soft tofu stew. Contributing Edito more »

    • Aired: 05/14/2012
    • Views: 687
    • By: Chow
  • 01:55
    NY CHOW Report: Papaya Salad at Thailand's Center Point

    Rated by Chowhounds as one of the city’s best Thai restaurants, Thailand’s Center Point stands out for its crispy papaya salad, Chef Annie’s deep-fried take on a classic. Contributing Editor ... more »

    • Aired: 05/21/2012
    • Views: 638
    • By: Chow
  • 02:08
    NY CHOW Report: Steak Tartare at the Roebling Tea Room

    Covered in Kewpie mayo and fried chickpeas, the steak tartare at the Roebling Tea Room in Brooklyn resembles a really great, deconstructed roast beef sandwich. Contributing Editor Liza de Gui more »

    • Aired: 05/26/2012
    • Views: 560
    • By: Chow

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