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Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show

Kiko doesn?t have a good grasp of the English language or Western culture, but that doesn?t stop this Harajuku girl from hosting The Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show with a variety of confused American guests.

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  • 00:53
    Talk To the Hot Dog

    You've caught yourself singing the song in the car, at home, even at the office. Now watch the wacky animated video! Go go dancing lobster!

  • 00:57

    We are all Juicy inside! See the J-Pop video that took the internet by storm and introduced the world to the wacky world of Kiko.

  • 01:33
    The Adventures of Unicow: Unicow Gets Pregnant

    Nothing spoils a romantic dinner faster than a positive pregnancy test. With emotions high, an excited waiter angers Unicow and chaos erupts.

  • 01:27
    The Adventures of Unicow: Unicow Gets Laid

    Just sitting at home chilling. A call from his peeps brings him out to a raging party with some very friendly admirers

  • 05:22
    Costume Party

    Every good Halloween costume party needs a custom's agent. But this party takes a spooky turn when Cownicorn's ghost stops by with his heavenly roommate.

  • 05:19
    Dancing with the Very Special Guest Stars

    Nothing is more macho than a dance battle! What could a two people have to fight about? Leave it to the wonderful Wheel of Fun to spring this surprise on the guests. Who will end up the winner?

  • 01:06
    Fortune Time With Mr. Chin: Guitar

    Mr. Chin advises you to get a guitar

  • 01:28
    Fortune Time With Mr. Chin: Nurse

    Mr. Chin has advice for you & your nurse.

  • 01:25
    Fortune Time With Mr. Chin: Journey

    Mr. Chin knows about your upcoming journey.

  • 01:09
    Fortune Time With Mr. Chin: Investing

    Mr. Chin has money advice just in time for Christmas!

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