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In the distant future, humanity has migrated into space to settle in the Balkan System, leaving behind them a dying Earth. With the loss of their native home, the race has suffered. Safety is an illusion. Their parents murdered and their easy life at an end, young twin brothers Thor and Rai find themselves jettisoned off-world and abandoned to their fate: Chimaera, a hostile planet where only the worst criminals are sent to die. With extreme temperatures and carnivorous plants, it is a world ruled by brutality, a place where mankind has been reduced to a savage state of survival. And the only hope of escape lies in conquering the planet and its peoples, to rise above them all as The Beast King. Boy must become man and man must become beast. Death is the only other option.

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  • 22:57
    Jyu-Oh-sei - s1e11 - Hope (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 11

    One by one lifelong dreams are shattered by reality, dreams which had prompted results both good and bad. As Thor and Third lead a team to save their planet from destruction, Tiz is working on the sur more »

  • 22:57
    Jyu-Oh-sei - s1e10 - Nightmare (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 10

    Thor arrives at the threshold of all that he has struggled for since being stranded on Chimaera.

  • 22:57
    Jyu-Oh-sei - s1e9 - Beast King (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 9

    Emotions run rampant as Zagi's games seem without end, wreaking havoc in the hearts of those around him.

  • 22:57
    Jyu-Oh-sei - s1e8 - The Depths (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 8

    Trapped in the depths of Chimaera, Thor finds himself attacked by the one he set out to save. As both Third and Tiz set out in search of their Top, Karim's rage turns into something else completely.

  • 22:57
    Jyu-Oh-sei - s1e7 - Independence (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 7

    Beckoned out into the night to meet with Blanc Ro, who is none other than Zagi from the past, Thor is confronted with devastating truth.

  • 22:57
    Jyu-Oh-sei - s1e6 - Blanc Ro (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 6

    Many years have passed since Thor first arrived on the hostile planet, years in which the boy has grown up into the formidable Top of the Ochre Ring. Older and wiser, the young man still dreams of one more »

  • 22:57
    Jyu-Oh-sei - s1e5 - Duel (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 5

    Thoughts of escaping from Chimaera for the moment put aside, Thor faces an even more daunting challenge.

  • 22:57
    Jyu-Oh-sei - s1e4 - Challenge (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 4

    It's a day for revelations. Heading out once more in search of answers, Thor cannot trust Third's motivation behind joining their new ring.

  • 22:57
    Jyu-Oh-sei - s1e3 - Ally (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 3

    With Tiz by his side, Thor heads out into the hostile wilderness in search of answers.

  • 22:57
    Jyu-Oh-sei - s1e2 - Ochre Ring (Eng Sub)
    Episode: 2

    Thor wakes up to harsh reality where, despite Rai's demise, he is not without companion.

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