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How I Met Your Mother

In this sitcom, Ted (Josh Radnor) dates a series of women, one of whom will be the future mother of his children. Ted’s life in New York revolves around his friends Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), a womanizing bachelor, and Lily and Marshall (Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel), a married couple.

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  • 01:23
    How I Met Your Mother - Desperation Day

    Lily surprises Marshall for Valentine's Day, Ted and Zoey continue to figure out their relationship and Robin bonds with her single girlfriends, on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday, Feb. 14 (8:00-8:30 PM more »

    • Aired: 02/10/2011
    • Views: 1982
    • By: CBS
  • 15:04
    How I Met Your Mother - 'Oh, Honey' Podcast

    This week's podcast talks to the members of the casting department and the tips and tricks to finding the perfect actor for a scene. How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays at 8/7c only on CBS!

    • Aired: 02/16/2011
    • Views: 1688
    • By: CBS
  • 00:20
    How I Met Your Mother - Conflict or Cuddles?

    How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays at 8/7c only on CBS!

    • Aired: 04/06/2011
    • Views: 1432
    • By: CBS
  • 01:01
    How I Met Your Mother - Legendaddy Preview

    When Barney finally meets his father, he's surprised to learn how his life turned out. Catch How I Met Your Mother Monday March 21 at 8:00 PM ET/PT only on CBS!

    • Aired: 03/18/2011
    • Views: 1555
    • By: CBS
  • 23:49
    How I Met Your Mother - 'Legendaddy' Podcast

    Neil Patrick Harris joins the podcast this week and gives some insight into what it's like being Barney Stinson and the joy of working with guest star John Lithgow.

    • Aired: 03/21/2011
    • Views: 1327
    • By: CBS
  • 01:34
    How I Met Your Mother - A Change of Heart

    When Barney starts to have real feelings for Nora, he worries that there is something wrong with his heart. Meanwhile, Robyn starts dating a guy who acts a lot like a dog, on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Mo more »

    • Aired: 02/25/2011
    • Views: 1461
    • By: CBS
  • 03:15
    How I Met Your Mother - Season 4 Recap

    OK, let me get this right... Barney loves Robin, Robin told Barney that she loves him too, but they decided to just be friends? Ok it's a bit more complicated than that. Just watch Mondays at 8pm to f more »

    • Aired: 08/14/2009
    • Views: 2232
    • By: CBS
  • 02:34
    How I Met Your Mother - Barney Stinson: Resume Builder

    Allow Barney to advise you on building an effective resume. Catch more of Barney's winning philosophy Mondays on CBS.

    • Aired: 02/05/2009
    • Views: 1388
    • By: CBS
  • 01:49
    How I Met Your Mother - Barney's Playbook

    Now that Barney is back on the market, he has decided to crack out his playbook on how to pick up chicks and give them the bizness... we'll see if it works as well as he thinks. Catch all-new episodes more »

    • Aired: 11/12/2009
    • Views: 2707
    • By: CBS
  • 01:09
    How I Met Your Mother - Femme Fatale Robin Scherbatsky

    What would happen if 'How I Met Your Mother' was a Film Noir? Would anyone live to tell the tale? Find out on the Columbia Broadcast System Mondays at 8!

    • Aired: 09/11/2009
    • Views: 1714
    • By: CBS

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