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Gil Grissom (William Peterson) leads a team of Las Vegas forensic investigators, including Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) and Nick Stokes (George Eads), who use cutting-edge scientific analysis to solve deaths in Sin City. A flashy, stylized drama, “CSI” borrows many film techniques and visual effects to re-create crimes.

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  • 02:42
    CSI: - You Ask, They Tell: Ted Danson

    We asked Ted Danson your questions about preparing for his new role on 'CSI:', how he got involved with Ocean preservation and how he can use his scientific upbringing in his new role. Catch Ted on 'C more »

    • Aired: 10/03/2011
    • Views: 1523
    • By: CBS
  • 00:12
    CSI: - D.B. Loses His Cool

    When D.B. and his wife receive a mysterious phone call, the commonly zen Russell loses his cool. Find out why during the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation season finale, Wednesday 10/9c on CBS!

    • Aired: 05/08/2012
    • Views: 1510
    • By: CBS
  • 06:41
    Anatomy of a TV Hit: CSI: - Production for 'Stealing Home'

    Quiet on the set! Carol Mendelsohn and Louis Milito are our guides to the stages and locations of CSI:, describing what it takes to get an episode filmed and in the can.

    • Aired: 03/06/2012
    • Views: 1485
    • By: CBS
  • 07:14
    Anatomy of a TV Hit: CSI: - Post-Production for 'Stealing Home'

    Now the next phase begins, as all the raw elements of the episode are brought together to begin their assembly into an episode of CSI:.

    • Aired: 03/08/2012
    • Views: 1580
    • By: CBS
  • 09:13
    Anatomy of a TV Hit: - The Birth of CSI: Part 2

    The story of how this iconic show came to be continues in the second half of "The Birth of CSI."

    • Aired: 02/13/2012
    • Views: 1264
    • By: CBS
  • 00:26
    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Ted Danson Accepts The Most Watched TV Show Award

    Ted Danson accepted the award for The Most Watched TV Show Award for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and their victory being the most viewed television in the entire world. Thank you everyone for your ... more »

    • Aired: 06/15/2012
    • Views: 910
    • By: CBS
  • 04:30
    Anatomy of a TV Hit: CSI: - Casting for 'Stealing Home'

    Ever wonder what goes into casting for your favorite show? This website gives you insight into what goes into finding the right players for one episode.

    • Aired: 02/15/2012
    • Views: 1434
    • By: CBS
  • 05:47
    Anatomy of a TV Hit: CSI: - Special FX and Visual FX for 'Stealing Home'

    Visual Effects Supervisor Rik Shorten and Special Effects Supervisor Mark Byers take us into the workshops that special "pow" to each and every episode of "CSI".

    • Aired: 02/21/2012
    • Views: 1423
    • By: CBS
  • 00:25
    CSI: - Behind The Scenes: Carnival Set

    An exclusive time-lapse video of the building of the incredible carnival set for the next all-new episode, ''Freaks and Geeks,'' airing Wednesday, November 2nd at 10/9c!

    • Aired: 10/24/2011
    • Views: 1314
    • By: CBS
  • 00:54
    CSI: - '73 Seconds'

    Ted Danson joins the cast this fall. See what happens on the season premiere of CSI, at its new night and time, Wednesday, September 21 at 10/9c on CBS!

    • Aired: 09/14/2011
    • Views: 1422
    • By: CBS

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